Projects Taken By Shree Divy Sai Trust

♦ Educational Programmes

“Shree Divy Sai Edu. & Cha. Trust” concentrates on education of poor children. Most of the families in the target area belong to B.P.L families. More than 50% of the population belong to Scheduled Caste. We believe in providing education not only from book but also from the real cultural education.

School Material distribution Programme

Most of the families in the target area belong to B.P.L families. More than 50% of the population belong to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Other backward communities. Their living conditions are very poor. Most of the parents are illiterate and they are unable to teach their children properly. The poor parents are unable to provide study materials like text books, note books and school uniform to their children. This is the main reason for not sending their children regularly in schools.

Evening School Education Programme

As most of the families in the target area belong to Below Poverty Line(BPL) families. Their parents are illiterate and they are unable to teach their children properly. But always they want to give better education to their children. The poor children are unable to attend regular class in Schools because most of the children does not get uniform or cloth. To overcome this situation, the organization regularly conduct free tuition to the students of villages during all evening times and holidays. A dedicated and committed team of educated persons are co-operating with the organization for conducting Tuition classes.

Computer Education Programme

Computer Technology is increasingly making new applications. Earlier computers were mainly used for data processing. Most of the companies and organizations had many application like pay roll, inventory control, account payables etc. But today this scenario is gradually changing. Many of the services that we make use of in our daily life is associated with computer applications. Thus computer applications give ample scope for rural youth especially rural women to create employment opportunities.

Organization had developed a computer training center with computers and other facilities. We had appointed a teacher to impart training in computer This is very much helpful to the rural women in this area. We provide free training to the Self Help Group members and other unemployed girls. A qualified and experienced teacher is working as trainer cum D T P worker. Many trained girls get employment opportunities as wage employees.

♦ Environment Programmes

We had developed an environment club. They visit houses and help the families to plant trees and other plants for environment protection. We regularly conduct environment campaigns in which the bad effects of plastic and other non degradable materials are explained to them. The women development cell of the Organization organize different awareness programmes regularly through women Self Help Groups. A lot of group discussions and interactions are arranged with in the Women self help Groups and Tution centres. We regularly conduct awareness camps for mothers in nutrition, Health and sanitation, child care etc. These camps are very much useful to them.

♦ Health Programmes

Aushadhalay Farming

Organization is planning Aushadhalay where medicated plant will be planted and from them will get an Ayurvedic aushadh, that will be free for all, Tribal forest people which is situated with in the forest areas providing consultation and medicines. This clinic will be very useful for poor peoples. Where there is no other medical facilities in the forest area are available.

Other Medical Service

Traditional medical system is our area of expertise which include providing Medical treatment by promoting the use of Ayurveda - Acupressure - Sujok - Chinese Meridian - magnet therapy and so.

♦ Women Empowerment Project

Organization believe in financial independence of women in villages & other remote areas, as presently we have started Sewing Classes for women wherein women can learn sewing in three months and can earn stipend during the course.

Tailoring Institute

The tailoring school run by the organization is very much helpful to the rural women in this area. We provide free training to them. A well qualified and experienced teacher is working as trainer. After training the women use this center as a common service center. Most of the trained women use the facility. Many trained members purchase sewing machine with grant from state government and regularly use it. We provide all help to members to purchase machine and to start production centers either individually or collectively. They are further given short term training in Embroidery and fashion Design work, which gives more income to them.

Handicraft Training Programme

We are running different kind of handi craft Training programme, Like doll making training, hand made flower making training, Fabric painting training, Hand Embroidery Training,Pappad making Training, Pickle making training, etc. Many rural women’s are using this facility from us.

♦ Spiritual / Cultural events

Organization organizes Bhagvat Saptah - Ram Katha to spread Spiritual knowledge amongst the people. As a part of Cultural events, Trust also arrange Sarva Gnatiy Samuh Lagn (Marriages) from that poor people can make their life settle with lots of happiness. Trust also specialized in planning & organising Festivals like Navratri and also encourage for activities like Lok Dayaro, Book Publish, Gau Seva, and provide platform for the same.

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