About Shree Divy Sai Education Trust

“Shree Divy Sai Edu. & Cha. Trust” a registered charitable trust, strives to uplift the weaker sections in the society with special emphasis on the basic needs of women and children. Organization also concentrates on education of poor children. The registered office of the organization is situated at Rajkot, Gujarat, which is a well known auto parts business hub but Majority of the Peoples are farmers and Tribes in rural area.

Though it is a well known business center developmental activities are comparatively in motion in urben area but number of poor families remains without basic needs in rural area. The developmental activities implemented by the organization is much appreciated by the peoples and local administrations. Trust is mainly involved to develop basic human needs of needy poor rural people. In addition to this, organization is also involved in number of charitable activities Medical Camps, Sarva Gyati Samuh Lagna, Advance Educational Seminars etc.. which help for the development of whole of the society. Under the leadership of Managing Trustee.

Main Objectives of the Organisation

• To work for the upliftment of rural people in financial, cultural and social developments.
• To conduct training programmes to unemployed rural youth and women so as to guide them to secure job    opportunities.
• To organize women’s groups and train them to set up income generating units.
• To encourage rural development programmes which will enable the rural people to self-sustainability.
• To conduct environment related programmes, so as to create awareness on such issues like Solar Energy, Bio   Gas etc...
• Dissemination and implementation of health, hygiene and sanitary measures so as to make the rural poor self    reliant.
• To conduct personality development programmes with computer education for the benefit of rural women.
• To organize activities like village reconstruction and welfare which may help to improve the socio- economic    conditions of the people.
• To capacitate women to ensure active participation in development activities implemented by various    Government agencies.

Management Committee (Trustee)

Shree Divy Sai Edu. & Cha. Trust management committee meets once a month. The members are:

• Mr Jayesh Chawda
  (Computer Engineer and Prosperity Consultant)
• Mr Divyesh Chawda
  (Software Engineer)
• Mr Anand Sagar
  (Placement Consultant)
• Mr Amit Mozer
  (Animation-VFX Education)
• Mr Rajnee Patel
  (Computer Engineer)

Seva Dwar